Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make Change your Friend

There are people in your life that you come to truly appreciate. There are some changes in our church family, and our hearts are heavy at the fellow hearts that are being separated from our own, but we must make friends with change.

People come.

People go.

People live and pass away.

But there is one constant in our lives... Change!

Monkey Shine loves Emily.

Do you see that little chubby, dimpled arm around her neck?
That is Noelle holding on for dear life!

I don't know what she was trying to be safe from.

Maybe her mother was terrorizing her by taking too many pictures.

Get used to it! It will not end any time soon!

Monkey Shine pensive, Emily radiant!

I have always been so grateful for the gentleness and interest the girls from this family have had for my Monkeys.

That is a powerful thing to little kids: having bigger kids think they are great, and treating them with respect and affection.

I know that my little Monkeys will miss them terribly -and so will I.

Though we will miss this dear teen (and her family that I don't have any pictures of), we send them to the grand plan that God has for them. And we pray that they will have God's best in their lives -knowing that they belong to Him.

So as we send off friends -and reach out to make new ones- we will remember to include change in the relationships we nurture.


krams1120 said...

awww... I might be having a little Monkey Shine of my own... CALL ME

Kyla said...

We'll miss you dearly Emily, I really hope you don't move <3 You have a special something that really shines. I think you make it obvious that you are one of the Children of Light!