Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aviodance -Is That A Word?

What? Have I been avoiding you all? Well, actually, I have. Now before you panic, I just wanted you to know that it isn't you! REALLY it isn't! It really, truly is me. ALL ME. You see, I decided after my last post to share some of my original poetry and lyrics with you over the next few weeks, and had a poem picked out. But...hack, gasp, gulp, wheeze, cringe... I just couldn't choke the words out!


Don't answer that.


La-la-la-la-la-la-la (fingers in ears).

So (choke), I am going to (hack) go ahead and be (gasp) brave, and trust that you all (wheeze) will not (cringe) judge me too harshly!
So here is my first very (gulp) imperfect selection to share with you all -and it is coming in a timely manner -as this is what I am going through right now. Our new little addition will be here in 4-5 weeks (panic!).

Mother's Ode To Joy

Ah, "The joy of being a mother."
A MAN must have coined that phrase,

For sickness, pain and fatigue march seemingly endless days.

Backaches keeping me up all night.

All the clothes I own are WAY too tight!

Morning sickness swollen hands,

The largest feet in all the land.

Hemorrhoids, Hooray, Hooray.
I could pass on those ANY day!

Stretch marks and a growing bust

(As if mine wasn't large enough!)

It is even harder when you already have kids!

At keeping you exhausted they are such a wiz!

When you lay down to rest they think you are a bean bag,
And sleepless nights keep you feeling like a limp rag.


Body screams in pain, void of all mirth,

And it isn't even time yet to give birth!

Hours upon hours of labor plague my bones.

"I give up! I am going home!"
My body is by pain racked.

It feels like a giant is tearing me in half.

Then a gasp, and a tiny cry of shock and surprise.

"It's a girl!" they say, and I look in her eyes.
It has been SO hard, but it is SO true:
"I would do this one-hundred times, Child, for one of you!"

God greatest give of both sorrow and mirth:
This miracle of giving birth!

What mingled joy and pain,
I really think
If Men had to do this
We'd go extinct!

As hard as it is, as much as I hurt

Each tiny child has immeasurable worth!

So I will be brave over the next few weeks,
Looking forward to the time when she and I will meet.
I'll try not to list all my aches or complain of my harm,

But instead look to the day I will hold her in my arms.

I'll tell her,
"I must thank God for EVERYTHING I went through,
Because that is how GOD GAVE ME YOU!!