Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day!

It is with great sadness and fear for the future that I announce that:

The south lost the civil war...

Scarlett O'Hara isn't real...

Breaking a cookie in half does NOT make all the calories fall out...

Gorgeous shoes are not always comfortable...

My kids are not actually as perfect as they look...

I am not really THAT funny...
(I know that last one threw you for a loop!)

And that my oldest baby just turned SEVEN!!!

WHAT!?!?! AAACK! She can't be THAT old already!!!!

Yes, I am sorry but it is true. It is evidence of two things:
a) I am getting OLD, and
b) Time flies SO quickly. You blink and they are grown.


So here are some pictures of my sweet girl. These are some of my favorites!

I LOVE the tongue!

I love this one. I am so glad that this one turned out!Pensive moment.

These are some of a waking moments.

These are my all time favorite photos of Eliana

My pride and joy
Oh! Poor little sweet baby!

Skip through time! Bathtime fun!

Oh, and I need to add these other four photos! I simply CAN"T leave these photos out!

OK, so HOW much time do you have?
Ok, since you don't have ALL DAY to look at the millions of photos that I have been sifting through, I will continue this post tomorrow.

And I am SO sorry to dispel your belief in Scarlett and cookie calorie dodging, but it is time to face the truth.

And after all...tomorrow is another day!

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