Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Noelle and the Frogs

Several weeks ago everyone in our family got sick -not excluding Noelle. She had a little scratchy voice, and told me that she couldn't talk because, "...I have a frog in my mouth, Mom."

As the time of her flu and cold went on, she mention several times that she had a frog in her mouth. Then he migrated to her tummy (he must have been getting too much chatter through the mouth!), and then she revealed he was a BULLFROG! No fooling around!

So as the sickness marched through the family ranks, my mother-in-law, Joan, got it too. Low and behold, she lost her voice as well! So one evening Noelle said, "Grandma, what happened to your voice?" And Joan (being clever, and having no IDEA where this conversation would lead) replied, "Your frog took my voice!"
"Nuh-uh!" Said Noelle. And Joan told her that she had a frog in her throat!
Noelle had to think about this for awhile, and I could not leave it alone. So I asked her how we were going to get Grandma's voice back. Noelle said, "We have to go to the bog..." (Where did she get that?) "...and catch the frog, but I can't because he will bite my fingers." So I asked her what we were going to do. She said, "We will go to the bog, and catch the frog, and we will know which frog it is because he will talk like Grandma!"

Can you imagine the picture in her head! An actual frog! That talked like Grandma! I just want to crawl into that little monkey's mind and see what she sees. Haha! I am still laughing!

So here are some pictures of Noelle at the zoo enjoying the frogs! I think she has an especial affection for frogs! She stared at them, and couldn't seem to get enough.

She really liked this guy...

She stared at him for a long time.

This is a REAL bullfrog!

We couldn't hold the real ones, so Noelle settled for the frog picture as she longingly looked at the bullfrog.

Amazing! For a child who hates anything furry that moves, she doesn't seem to have a problem with reptiles! I have to tell you, I didn't see that one coming!

A frog that talks like Grandma! Hahahaha!!

No laugh track needed for this one! My kids are ACTUALLY funny!

It is a good thing! You get a break from my strange humor. And I will leave you with that!

By the way...
Be sure to tell the person who can hear you laughing that you are not crazy. I will do the same thing and then we can postpone the discovery that we really ARE! Ah-ha!

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Kyla said...

That one was so cool! I love your little peanut :) She is such a doll.