Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dirt Pile Nap

(Hear: the Brady Bunch song)

This is the story, of a little lady,
Who was much too tired
And Badly needed her bed.
This was due to her terrible mother
Who let her stay and play outside instead.

And so her mother,
Who was repentant
Carried the filthy baby to her bed!
Where she dreamed of candy, swimming and summer.
And got dirt on her pillow from her head.

The sleepy head, the sleepy head...
That's the way she made it to her bed!

It always amazes me how quickly the girls fall when they are tired. They seem fine, and suddenly they are crabby, whiny or GONE! To be fair, it WAS getting close to her nap time, and she did have a rough night the night before, but she was playing so nicely!

Than all of a sudden...
She began to show signs of tiredness.

For Noelle, that means she was not hamming a smile or making a goofy face with her fingers in her mouth for the camera.

Like this...*

*Now this picture does not have her with her fingers in her mouth because of her mother's obsessive-compulsive need for perfect pictures, and she deleted them all. However, the goofy face is a clear -albeit weak- testament to the manner in which we make faces for the camera.

So I could tell she was clearly fading, but in an effort to document the darling, little, dirty face, I snapped a few more pictures...

Isn't she sweet!

Doesn't she have the cutest little pensive face?...

She looked right at me...

And her head began to slowly lean back as...

Her gaze went blank, and she was clearly...

Nearly asleep -Sitting up!

Then some pesky bird made a noise...

Her eyes darted to the right, and shifted back into focus.

I am convinced that if that pesky bird had not squawked at that moment, that she would have fallen right over on the ground. I look like a terrible mother now! Just imagine how bad it would look if she fell asleep outside in the dirt pile! They would pilfer the picture from my website for those "Help-the-poor-little-children-in-other-countries-who-don't-have-matching-shoes-and-whose-mothers-are-so-poor-they-can't-afford-soap" infomercials.

PLEASE sponsor this POOR, little, underprivileged, undernourished child!

For less than a dollar a day you can bribe her mother into puting her down for her nap on time!

No, I am NOT crazy -not clinically. Yes I AM strange -quite literally!

Here she is, falling asleep on the front step as I was collecting all the other children and odd play paraphernalia.

No...I mean actually ODD. You would not BELIEVE the things my kids use as toys! Poor things take after their mother in the strangeness area.
Let us just hope that as each generation passes, the strangeness becomes diluted to the point that it is nearly undetectable. Then the only indication of the "strange gene" will be an occasional isolated incident of breaking into song or making jokes that are really not funny (just like the ones my poor readers are subjected to).

I think I could live with the hope of that for future generations!

I think I will do much better about getting her down for her nap at a better time. I will certainly make an effort!

C'mon Noelle! Time for your nap!
Yes it is.
Please don't argue.
I don't care that you are not tired!
Bed, NOW, Missy!
Go on...

Do you think 10am is too early? She just got up an hour ago .

STRANGE strikes again!

(I need to take this moment to mention, as a true shoe lover, that the mismatched shoes in those infomercials are CLEARLY the deepest tragedy of children around the world.
No, NOT really! That was another strange joke. Don't look at ME! You are the one who keeps coming back for more! You are NOT a victim of my bad humor! Take control of your own destiny! Be the HERO in your own life story! And BREAK FREE from blogger bondage!)

I just can't stop!


technoman said...

For less than a dollar a day? What a deal! Is there a 30 day guarantee on that?

Da da da daaaaaa! Ms. Strange strikes again! She rids the world of fingers in mouths, dirt on faces, and imperfect pictures!

Dawn Marie said...

Thanks, Nate!

Kyla said...

Noelle falling asleep outside, sitting up :) I love it, you can just watch her eyes losing focus...

Dawn Marie said...

I giggled too as I was watching!