Monday, June 8, 2009

Spitting Bullets!

Remember this guy?

Doesn't he just look like a sweet little angel? But, alas, I am afraid he has you fooled!

Some kids do not look for trouble, but IT knows how to find THEM!
Poor Michael is one of those kids.

It is not that he wakes up in the morning and says, "I think I will be naughty today!" He isn't a "naughty" little man (though I think EVERY child is capable of being naughty and has their moments), he just has a very interesting and creative idea of what is fun!

So here he is playing! I didn't get nearly enough pictures of!

Well, he REALLY liked THIS one:

Next thing you know, Michael is doing this...

And this...
Now this may look like a perfectly innocent picture, but what is difficult to see is that he is chasing a girl, and spitting the water at her!

Troops! We are out of guns! Let us spit bullets at the enemy!

Michael was being creative! Lack of water guns forced him to improvise, and the desired effect (screaming, running girls) was fully achieved!

Now, I KNOW he was not being mean. They were at a WATER PARK, where we went to GET WET. And I also know that he was not being mean because of who he was spitting the water at: my Mia. Michael makes no secret of the fact that he holds a serious crush on her, and prefers her company whenever they are together. I mean, who COULDN'T LOVE this face!

But it is a well-known fact that for hundreds of years, boys have expressed their care for girls in the most OBVIOUSLY (note sarcasm) loving and caring ways: Pulling hair, tripping, tackling, being rude to, dunking pigtails in ink, stealing their shoes, throwing spit-wads, and SPITTING at them!

So I am not surprised at the direction the water was flying! It is Michael getting her attention, "Don't you like me? Aren't you impressed with how FAR I can spit?! You thought you were far enough away! Didn't you!"

I just say... I love you... SSSSSPPPPBBBBBTTTTT!!!

I don't know if they ever outgrow weird ways of getting attention. (Have you seen how many guys ride Harleys are out there?)

But I think that the sooner Michael gets through the I-am-spitting-at-you-because-I-like-you-and-want-your-attention stage, the happier Mia will be. You know that face?
That's the one!

That is the exact face she made as he SSSSPPPBBBTTT right at her!

Somehow it doesn't look like admiration and delight

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