Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Three Little Monkeys at the Zoo...

This is my friend Angie.

She is quite possible the sweetest person on the planet (excepting my kids of course). If she isn't the sweetest, she runs a close second.

Angie LOVES kids.

She must, she works with them all day long, and still wants to spend her Sunday with three little monkeys and their very strange mother.

Angie Treated the kids and I to John Ball Zoo on Sunday afternoon! The kids had a BALL! Get it! A BALL at John BALL Zoo! I am SO funny! Aren't you laughing! Ah...haha...hehe..hoho...ahhh! Sigh(wipe tear from eye), I crack myself up!
(Note evidence of strangeness)


Here she is pretending to be Huck Finn with my kids. They have no idea, yet, who Huck Finn is, but they thought that playing they were in a big storm on a raft was about the coolest thing they did all day. And that is saying a lot because they did some really cool things!

Note to self: Remember to read Tom Sawyer to kids.

I think she just never lost her inner child. For that matter she never lost her outer one! And that makes her SO much fun! She is playful, funny and has a tenderness about her that makes her a magnet for little monkeys like mine. And it is a good thing that she is a magnet for human monkeys and not animal ones, well, because we were at a zoo. That would have been very awkward. Can you imagine having monkeys following you around a zoo? I hear they throw their, well, how do you say it? Well, their poo. Yuck. I am SO glad she is not a animal monkey magnet. Getting dirt off my kids was hard enough, we do not need any more mess!

Anyway, I guess that John Ball was a monkey magnet too. I think he still is. MY little monkeys liked him.

Maybe animal monkeys liked him too. Perhaps that is why they named a zoo after him. Hmmm. That is a thought.

Maybe someday they will name a zoo after Angie. I don't think it is enough of a tribute. But if she wants to have a zoo named after her, she better work on her animal monkey skills. She has MY monkeys down.

On second thought, maybe she should forget the animal ones. I hear they throw, well, you know...


Anonymous said...

You crack me up girly girl. :) Thank you for the compliments. I had so much fun. As you know, I just LOVE the zoo. :)

Dawn Marie said...

I am glad you enjoyed it! We had a WONDERFUL time! I need a Flikr invite from you so I can see your pics. It was wonderful to have time with you!

technoman said...

They throw their WHAT?! I think I just lost my appetite! Haven't been to our zoo yet this year. They have so much new stuff to see and do! I almost can't wait to go back!