Monday, March 18, 2013

New Postit

I am sure that some of you are wondering why it is that I have waited so long to blog again. especially since I have expressed such a desire to, right? Well, the answer is quite simple. It is nearly impossible to blog from a phone. Yep, you heard me. We moved into a very rural area, and suddenly the blogging I so took for granted became impossible. I tried! I really did. Blogging is simple -if you don't think that capitalization and punctuation is at all important.

I tried to blog and this is what happened from my phone:
it has been way too long since i have posted on my blog. i know. i knoe1 you all missed my witty banter and flawless humor

Couldn't backspace, no commas, nothing but periods. Ugh.

In fact, the wonderful, obvious typo name of this post is due to the inability to fix a single mistake.

Oh, MY! I am so glad that in real life God often gives us the chance to make things right. He offers forgiveness and redemption, and wipes our sins clean. how glad I am that He has forgiven me! and I am not just stuck in a hopeless place with no hope of making some of my mistakes right!

My Friends, it has been far too long. 

So much has changed in the two and a half years since I was last on this page blogging. And I have often missed this outlet for creativity and expression. Many times I have wanted to pour out my experiences and sort out my mind by puting it in print. Many times I have wished to share what God has been doing in my life and in the lives of my family. So many times I have wished to share the hardship and miracles and most of God's faithfulness with you!

I am beyond blessed. In the past three years I have been so tenderly loved by my Savior. Time and time again He has blessed me in ways I could never have anticipated! God has repeatedly poured out His tender affections on myself and my family. It is humbling. It reduces me to grateful tears. 

How is it that the God of the Universe sees fit to hear and answer my prayers? I am but an insect, and yet I can go to His feet and unburden my heart and lay all my cares and worries at His feet. 

Among the blessings are the growing of my sweet Emma and the adding of our only boy (and our only blue-eyed child) Kenny to our family. We did not expect to have another child, but God surprised us with a wonderful gift!

And God has blessed our marriage in amazing ways. Our marriage is inspiring, passionate and thrilling. I adore my husband. Who knew that the way for the power of God to be unleashed was with MY obedience. How often we ask God to work, and it turns out that the work that needs to happen is in ME! I am so grateful for God's work in our marriage. and if my humble obedience produces such lovely results, we should all clamor to obey!

 Larry and Dawn, December 2012

 The family

In addition to many blessings, God has led us to an amazing church full of sincerity and truth. We are repeatedly blessed by our wonderful church family!

We also were blessed by the chance to live in a beautiful home! We outgrew everywhere we have ever lived! But God provided a home big enough for our family and at the right price.

In November of 2011 (on Thanksgiving Day) the kids and I were in a serious car accident. God protected our children and my injuries were not life threatening. Our van was totaled. and God provided new wheels for us a few months later. 

There are so many things I could share! SO MANY... And I will. But those posts will have to wait for another day! 

Thanks for reading. I am just so thrilled to be back!

Dawn Marie