Sunday, June 14, 2009

Libary, No LIBRARY!

Today we went to the "libary", and THIS is what happened...

This is exactly what we wanted!
They sat and POURED over their choices...
And didn't even ask once to turn on the TV...
Or ask to go out in the rain...
Or whine about being "Bored"

BORED!? When I was a kid we were NEVER bored! If we were bored, mean parents gave us WORK...and we had to walk uphill both ways to school...and we had to share one plate for six kids...the last one had almost no food left...Bored...My GOODNESS!

Ok, enough parental tirade!

Told you I was strange!

We also picked up a hitchhiker.
Isn't he cute! We got him for signing up for the summer reading program.

Here is Noelle making the same face:
I don't know why she thinks his eyes are sideways, but I guess it is a matter of perspective!

And there was one other thing that made this a HUGE day! Can you guess what it is?
Eliana and Mia got their very first library cards! They are SO excited! But my poor babies have a last name with 12 letters, and could not fit their names on the card!

I think when they start dating they will not date anyone with a last name longer than three letters! "I'm sorry, John, but your last name has five characters, and since I was traumatized when I ...*sniff*...was small and ...*sob*... went to get a 'libary' card, I will not do that to my kids! So, John, I must really draw the line at three. Have a good night, and thanks for applying!"

Yahoo! Strange strikes again!

But they are good enough to get books, and to two sweet girls, that is all that matters.

What a world that is now open to them! What imaginations will be unveiled! What amazing things they will see and learn. What beautiful things they will be exposed to! Oh! What a gift a library card is! And the adventure has just begun. I remember practicing my name to get my own library card at five. That library had old-fashioned stereoscope. It was the coolest thing, and I would sit for hours looking at the far-away places in those boxes and boxes of pictures. Not to mention the lifelong love of books that was cultivated. I am so grateful.

Before we even left the parking lot the girls were asking to come back, and picking a day to make this a weekly appointment.

They made some great choices in books! More later!

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