Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

This is Kyla. She has NO malice in her. She is patient and gentle. I LOVE her!

This is Melody. She is the most resilient person I know. Life kicks her and she gets up and has a GREAT attitude about life. Melody is making positive changes in her life and I am SO PROUD of her!

These women are my real friends. They help me when I need it, they love me when I am hard to love, and they are there to talk to when I feel alone. So when we talked about an outing with ALL the kids, I jumped at the chance to spend time with my friends.

Well, There ended up being a LOT of people there!

There was this guy!
I like this picture of Rivir. It is just like him! Cool! Relaxed! It is great to be around him!

There is this girl.
Zoey and my girls have a blast when they get together.

And there is this little man...
More about Elijah later!

These are some great kids.

Then there was this one...
It seems that the most genuine smile Ethan made was when he was pretending to pick his nose!
Funny kid!

The there was this beauty!
Kali and Mia were two peas in a pod!
More on that later. Isn't she sweet?

There is this dear, dear teen. My girls LOVE her...
Of course Emily looks much better if she doesn't have a little chubby Noelle arm and dimpled hand CHOKING the like out of her! Choke..gasp...!

My girls adore her!

Then there is this girl...
Doesn't Katie have a sincere smile?! She is never afraid to be who she is, and I love that. I didn't master that until I was well into my 20's. I am glad she has a jump on it!

There is this guy...
Darren is a trooper. He was not feeling the greatest, but was game for anything. He is gentle and Eliana thinks he is the greatest. I think the feeling is mutual.
Hey, Darren! NO KISSING!!!

Here he comes!
Michael looks so innocent! But I warn you! He is full of sauce! NO! NOT spaghetti sauce! Never mind. Just run if you see his mouth full of water. More on that later.

Then there were my sweet girls:



There were two other people who came with us, but somehow, I didn't get any pictures of them. I was about to take their pictures, and my camera lost power. I don't know WHY! I ONLY took 150 pictures! Camera slacker!

I sure hope my computer doesn't blab what I said the next time my camera is hooked up to upload pictures. No! I didn't MEAN it! REALLY! I was just JOKING!, No! Don't act up! AAAAAAACK!

Well, enough of my weirdness. I am sorry Cheyanne and Brittany! I promise to get your pictures next time I see you! Sorry!

This is where we went!
Of course, this is a little better for the LITTLE kid if they have the water gun that WORKS!

More on this one later.

All the fun of the beach without the sand to creep into crevices, no dragging all the stuff over hot sand, no toys floating to Wisconsin -never to be seen again. Ahh! The PERFECT water fun!

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Is this Millenium Park?

Dawn Marie said...

It might be. It is in Wyoming off of Byron Center and some cross street I can't remember. Does that sound right?