Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Friends!

One of the best things about an outing is mingling longtime friends and NEW friends!

This is Gracie.
She and Eliana spent over an hour like peas and carrots (name that movie) playing in the water and on the playground. I hope that her mommy remembered this website!

I hope you are reading this! Leave me a message!

They had SO much fun together! One thing that my girls got from me is the ability to make friends anywhere. My husband told me that is one of the things he loves about me! Don't all of you love that about me too? Look! We are becoming friends as I write! Who knew that I would expand my venue! Ok, enough weirdness for the moment. Return for more later!


Here are Gracie's sisters. They are beautiful too!
I don't know their names, but I think she liked having her picture taken! (I can cure her of that! Just give me a few days with her and she will begin to sound like MY little Monkeys! "Mom, do you HAVE to take my picture!?")

Someone is VERY sleepy!
What a doll!

She even tried to smile with her little fingers in her mouth!

Never mind! Smiling is too much effort!

It is considerable fun to make new friends and find out about new people. Aren't people tremendously interesting? I am always finding out new things about the people I know, and I am amazed. There is not a person I have ever met that there was not something to be fascinated about -even if it is how boring they are! Just kidding!

We are in a world where there is no trust. It is hard to open up to new people. It takes courage. There is so much to be lost. And yet, there is so much that we miss out on when we do not take a chance to make a new friend!

How easily it comes to children: the boldness, lack of self consciousness, recognizing the benefits of friendship over the benefits of solitude -even if the only benefit is a playmate for a few short hours! Sometimes, all it takes is the prospect of red coolaid to create a bond! Who knew?

Who is there that you would like to get to know better? Who do you admire that you have never initiated a friendship with? Who is the one person who you think needs someone? Do you have the courage to make a new friend?

Assignment: Reach out to the person that you know you SHOULD reach out to! Pick one person and cultivate a closer relationship! You never know the blessing you might receive!

Walk as Children of Light!


technoman said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Tasty fingers! Lots of protein. Save some for later!

I LOVE red Kool-Aid! Strawberry Kiwi is good, too, but red flavor would have to be my favorite!

Dawn Marie said...

See! That would have been a powerful motivator for boldness!