Sunday, July 11, 2010


There is a really good reason why I had so much trouble getting clear pictures of Emma out of 129 pictures!

WHERE is Emma!


WHERE is Emma!


WHERE is Emma!


You think that is FUNNY! Don't you?

WHERE is Emma!

Hi, Pretty Girl!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More = A Better Chance of Gettine ONE Good One

Babies are wiggly.

Just in case you did not know.

And since I have fallen in love with natural light...

(There is not anyone that a flash cannot make look worse than they really do!)

I am having a terrible time getting good photos of little wiggly girl without them turning out like


And then there are these that I really wish had turned out because of her sweet expression:

I took 129 pictures.


And out of all the wiggly child pictures, managed to get only a few really good ones!

Doesn't it always seem that the sweetest ones end up in file 13?

But I cannot complain too much!

I did get THESE:

So I have learned that when really trying to get good pictures you really need to take a lot of them -especially when the subject is a wiggly little 3-month-old! More in this case is more!

There were quite a few that turned out beautifully. I am glad that I got them!

And this VERY special one:
And I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!