Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I KNEW there was something I forgot!

OK, Faithful Followers (not there are very many yet, but hey, I will take what I can get!), I made this big post about how I forgot to charge my camera. Well, it turns out that if you do not want to delete all your pictures, YOU HAVE TO EMPTY YOUR FLASH CARD TOO! AAAARGH!
So here we are, miles from home at the zoo (with no laptop to dump them on), and I take about 5 pictures and all of a sudden I get this warning. "CF card is full" Full? NO! AAARGH(for the second time)!!!
SO I went through all the pictures and ruthlessly deleted all the fuzzy ones, all the weird ones, basically anything that wasn't perfect. I could have deleted the perfect ones and left the strange ones, but then you would know what my family and I are REALLY like. And since I need to keep up appearances, well, I just dumped the bad ones.
Then I accidentally dumped a picture I intended to add to my "BAD" collection. I actually have a photo folder on Facebook with the pictures you normally put on the bottom of the pile, but I am placing it all out there. I was kicking myself (Literally. It was quite a feat! I am a freak of nature! You should have seen it! No, NOT really. I AM a freak of nature, though.)
So, here is a sample of some of the BAD photos, since I don't have even CLOSE to enough pictures of the zoo, and because I need to dissipate any thoughts you may have about my girls being perfect. Or even overly sweet.
Trust me, I am so busy gagging when they are doing the REALLY gross stuff that I can't get a clear picture. No, NOT really. That was another joke! As God is my witness I WILL get you laughing by the end of my post! No? Well, these pictures ought to do it!


Apparently it takes TWO fingers!

Birds of a feather. This is my niece!

"I don't THINK so, Mom!"

Do you HAVE to take my picture, Mom!

Well, rumors of perfection dispelled, pictures of my kids picking noses with their friends, and documentation of ATTITUDE! A day's work well done...


Anonymous said...

hehe :)

technoman said...

OOOOOOOOPS! Must remember... clean off camera card!