Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Goat!... NO GOAT!!!

Two years ago, on a trip to Nebraska, we went with the family to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. At the zoo there was a wonderful petting zoo where they had ducks, chickens, ponies, sheep, cows... and GOATS.
Now, it is important to mention that Noelle does not like animals. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a real animal! If it is fuzzy or furry and moves on its own, she is terrified.
Example one: One day our next door neighbor had their new chihuahua in the front yard. My mother in law (Joan) was visiting with them, and Noelle was there. This little dog came only to about her knee, and she seemed to be fine -as long as he was over THERE. Then, he came up to her and licked her knee. She loosed a bloodcurdling scream and literally climbed right up Joan.
Example two: One of the older girls was given a gift from a good friend. It was this weird kind of ball that was covered with this crazy, red, hairy fur. When you drop or bop it, the ball begins to bounce and make funny noises. When Noelle was small and it went off, she would stand in the middle of the room and scream.
Example three: We were at a friend's house, and she happens to have a timid cat. Pretty much as soon as we got there, the cat hid -which was a GOOD thing! Well, when the cat thought all was clear, it moseyed out from behind the couch. At that very moment Noelle walked into the room on her way to the bathroom. I don't know who was more frightened! The cat or Noelle! She screamed bloody murder and RAN -trembling- from the room! The poor traumatized cat hid behind the couch and was still there when we left two hours later.

So that brings us back to the trip to Henry Doory Zoo. At one, she was very tiny, and I wanted her to try to pet the animals. So I held her and we went looking for a gentle animal. Now, there is an observation window on the other side of the yard, in an educational display building. My sister, Katie, and brother, Perry, were in the exhibit with my other girls. So Noelle and I very gingerly approached a miniature goat. They really were SO cute, and for only a moment, Noelle's interest overcame her fear. She quite literally forgot to be afraid. So out came her little hand to gently touch the soft fur on the sweet little goat's head. She had no more than touched it, and she realized what she was doing and began to climb up my body! I tried to get her to touch it again, but she clung to my head, with one leg over my shoulder, screaming, "NO GOAT! NO GOAT! NO GOAT!!!" I looked up, and there were Katie and Perry, standing in the window laughing so hard there were tears in their eyes!

So, keep in mind that THIS was our last experience with a petting zoo. Needless to say, I was worried, and wondered how she would do. She has gotten a little better, so we talked all about what fun we were going to have at the zoo! And there were anomals there that we would be able to touch! She was resistant from the beginning. So we made our way into the fence, and met this gently guy:
When I grow up (which may be never) I want facial hair JUST LIKE THIS! Isn't his goatee perfection? Get it? GOATEE? HA! I am SO funny!

He really is a very gentle guy. He just sat there and let the kids pet him and pulls ears, and never protested. I think he rather liked the attention.
Well Angie tried to get her to at least come near, and TRY to pet him...
But, no chance!

Here is Mia taking the bait!

Now what was so funny was what Noelle did after. She turned around to walk away, and suddenly saw that she was surrounded by animals! Every direction she looked there was a another furry thing that moved!
So she just stood very still and didn't move. You could see it in her face, "OH! NO! I am surrounded! Maybe if I don't move they won't see me!" She did not move a muscle until it was time to go, then her little dimpled hands reached UP for me to carry her out. There was a cow by the door, and that was even more scary than the goat!
I wish I had more pictures of her face, but, KNOW why that didn't happen!



technoman said...

Hahaha! You're SO funny! (Note: sarcasm here.) It took me a minute to realize why "GOATEE" was funny.

Dawn Marie said...

Gotta be snappy to keep up with me!