Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Get Married

My favorite book the girls brought home this week was this one by far! An excellent choice by Monkey Do, and all of us have been in absolute stitches ever since!

It is called "How to Get Married by Me, the Bride"
Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Help
Published by Random House

It is an EXCELLENT resource for ANY young person looking forward marriage, and is FULL of exceptional advice!

Like this section that talks about what kind of person you should avoid!
Someone who is too big...

Someone who is too small...

OR someone who only eats bugs. (That would make them VERY unpleasant to kiss, you know. That part was not in the book, but I thought it was worth mentioning! No visual record of such unpleasant interchanges needed. I am sure that you can imagine! "EWWW! I think I got an insect leg!" Enough said.)

There is also this advice about how to BE the right kind of person to marry:

If you have been having trouble getting an engagement, perhaps you should evaluate these areas of your life!

Note the illustration!
If you look at ALL like this, you need to make some positive changes! Empower yourself to BE the right person!

There is also the way to KEEP you fiance!

Then there is also great advice for the TIME of day to get married!
It would be a TERRIBLE thing to accidentally marry the wrong person!

I wonder about all the brides out there who married the wrong person in broad daylight!

How did THIS...
Get past them?!?!

Well, the good advice continues!

There is a GREAT explanation about why you throw that bouquet!

But the best part is what you do after the reception is over!
I wonder how much happier some people would be if their wedding day ended like this!

That is why every single man and woman should own and repeatedly read this book. Instill these principles into your relationship, and when you get married, you will be well equipped with some of the best advice in the business!


Have you ever tried to tell a good joke and could not keep a straight face? Haha! I can't hold in the mirth any longer! This book is a hoot, and I am sure that the authors watched and talked to a kid or two and this book came from that! What fun! And we are LOVING it! Go to your library and check out this book. It is SO funny to read!

Someone who eats bugs! Hehe!

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