Friday, July 3, 2009

It Boggles the Brain!

It is interesting how, over the years, the relationship between my girls has changed. Monkey See and Monkey Do were

" peas and carrots!"

Like green eggs and ham!

Adored each other!
Always together...

Partners in crime.

And as they grew, a cute little invader entered the picture!

Monkey shine.

Do you see Monkey See's face?

She is in pure BLISS!

Have you ever noticed that girls always seem to couple up? Why in the WORLD do they have so much trouble playing together? Why is it that the relationship changed so much when there was a third Monkey added to the family?

I also realize that in MY family, growing up, every other daughter paired off. T and J were very close and K and I were very close. Then, as T and I left home, J and K bonded quickly.

I never understood it.

Still don't.

But to be fair there are tons of other things I also do not understand, like:

Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Why is something transported by ship cargo, and something transported by truck a shipment?

Why do men become addicted to video games. (You know who you are!)

How in the world does a beautifully dressed child look like a mud pie in 13 second flat?

Why do men fall asleep best when there is a movie on? (Again, you KNOW who you are!)

The questions about men could go on and on. And on. And on. And on. And on, on, on.

But there are other questions we should be asking ourselves:

Why do we do what we KNOW is not best again and again?

Why are we so willing for the "just-ok" right NOW, instead of being willing to wait for the "weak-kneed-heart-racing-smooching-and-holding-hands-when-you-are-eighty" kind of substance love?

Why do we let all things go too long before fixing them? -Cars, homes, plumbing, marriages.

Why are we willing to settle for "almost good" instead of working toward what is truly great?

Why do we shortchange ourselves?

Why do I do it to myself?

And another million questions about why men are so weird.

Ouch! My brain is threatening strike! It just picked up a sign and is heading to the picket line with all the brains of those kids who try to do stunts on dirtbikes and the guys from those movies with the stupid stunts. I won't say the name.

No! Wait! Stop! I NEED my brain! Those other guys may not use their, but I NEED mine! Ok, I know you are accident prone, and I make fun of you a lot, but don't take it SO personally. It is a joke! Laugh once in awhile!

Uhm, I don't think Brain has much of a sense of humor. Maybe it has an unhealthy self-image.

REALLY, brain! EVERY other brain in the world has high fat content and wrinkles! NO! I will NOT bet you Botox! Just forget it.

While Brain and I are renegotiating our contract, I am just going to focus on getting my girls to get along.

That should keep brain busy for awhile!

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The Thornocks said...

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I feel very inadequate with my photography, so positive words really help me feel more confident. I also appreciate what you said about being "so impressed if we met ourselves". It was a nice uplifting comment to make for a great day! Thanks again!