Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hairdryer Overtime

One of the benefits of Monkey See having an air cast is that it is removable for bath time, and as she gradually is no longer needs it, then we will be able to remove it for longer and longer periods of time. However, right now she has to wear it 24-7, and it is SO terriblycumbersome and ruins ALL the fun. This she has been struggling with!

Mom, Can I ride my bike?


Mom, can I rollerskate?


Mom, can I go play in the sandbox?


Mom, can I play in the pool?


Mom, can I run through the sprinkler?


I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!! (say with whiny voice)

Poor girl! As they were puting the splint on her ankle, the nurse said, "There goes her summer!" I occurred to me that she is right. Monkey see will have VERY limited summer activities.

So, because of her downcast spirit, I made another Mother error in judgment -almost as bad as letting her wear platform tennies! I let her play in the water. At the hospital, they told us that if she was going to have a bath, to wrap her leg in 2 garbage bags, and seal it with duct tape (no, NOT duck tape!)

So when we went to a friend's house for a pre-injury-planned playdate, I brought along the trash bags, and let her play with the kids. She never went in the kiddie pool! She was just playing in the dirt!

When we left, the property value of our friends went down. Monkey See took so much dirt with her that they MUST have lost an acre or two!
You can see my attempt to seal her air cast off to moisture.

Well, this is what happens when you say to your kid -having SO much fun- that it is time to go!
We are working on attitude! No! NOT more! LESS!

Let's try this again, and this time with the RIGHT attitude!

(no picture available)

So we got the trash bags off, and the water was DRIPPING from her air cast! AAAACK!

Well, THAT didn't work!

This is what happens when your strange mother lets you get your air cast wet!

Boy, did my hairdryer get a royal workout -as if drying my VERY thick hair was not enough of a workout on any given day. I had it on the cool setting and dried, and dried!

It took forever! And after it was all done, my poor hairdryer was POOPED!

Here it is sitting down and puting its cord up!

Here it is relaxing and catching up on its TV.

Here it is requesting some time off.

Look at the hope in its heating coils!

Request denied!
My hair is unruly! I need my hairdryer to tame my massive hair in this humidity!

See how it hangs its coils?

Aaawwww! Don't be discouraged, Hairdryer! You CAN take a nap!

I will push the button to retract your cord, and you can sleep until tomorrow!
(Out of focus!)

Here it is, all retracted, and ready for drawer!

Tucked in nice and snug. Good night!

Rest, my Hairdryer! For tomorrow you will be put to work again! And I hope that you still work after that stress test. Just don't conk out on me! I would like to say a special thanks to both Conair and Hairdryer itself. For without you, we would be dragging around a very drippy child! Not to mention all the wrinkles on her foot!

Thank you!

Yeah. We WON'T be doing THAT again. What is wrong with me! Really! What was I thinking?!?! I am guessing that if I don't know, then neither do you! Because then I could not have told you.
Any guesses anyone?

Ahh! I am my own brand of strange. I have no equals only imitators!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, you are so silly. :) The Hair Dryer thing is so silly...

Dawn Marie said...

Hey! You HAVE to laugh at life! If you don't you will cry! I hope it made you laugh!