Thursday, June 10, 2010

Younger and Younger All the Time!

Do you remember my post about the faces my youngest Monkey makes? You can see it HERE. I mentioned in that blog that kids are learning to make goofy faces for the camera younger and younger.

There is something ELSE they are learning to do younger and younger!

I thought that two was young.
The only reason Sweet Geek is smiling in this one is because he has his eyes closed and has NO IDEA what she is doing!

Well, check THIS out!

No words are needed.
SERIOUSLY! She isn't even 12 weeks yet!
WHY is THIS the thing she gets right on the first try?
It is only something I will have to help her UNLEARN! No progress has been made at all!

Do you hear that Emma! No progress!

It is starting younger and younger all the time.

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