Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Do I Name This Post?



So I need help deciding what lovely family picture taken by Julie I should have made into a print of an 8x10, and I need help.

Now my first decision -the naming of this blog. I thought about "Trouble", but there are so MANY other things that could cause a blog to be called trouble, that I really need to leave that option open.

Because I have four Monkeys!

I thought about naming it, "I Need Help!" only I was afraid that you all would think that was a reflection on my mental status.

(They are coming to take me the Funny Farm!...)
(enough of that!)

And though I really DO need help (let's just keep that our little secret), I wished to keep up appearances of sanity and mental clarity!


So then, I thought about naming it "8x10." Dumb name.
But then I was simply so fed up with an appropriate name that I decided that I would let each of you use your imagination and simply think in your head whatever you want.

And we haven't even gotten to the actually help I require yet!

Whew! That was exhausting!

OK, here is the deal. My oober-talented sister took these really great family portraits while we were in Nebraska.

And I would like to take a moment to say GO BIG RED!

Moving on...

So I need to decide on one for an 8x10! The problem is that there are so many good ones, I am having a terrible time making up my mind! I know that there are some of you out there a little jealous! I mean, how often does THAT happen? Usually you go to Walmar..uh-hu-hum... a retail chain. Or someplace like department store, and someone is there to snap photos.

"Say Cheese!"

And then you get the JOY of deciding which one is the least terrible out of truly horrendous choices!

So let us join Karen and Randy Fictional, and listen in!

"Well, Randy, in this one Bobby is not making the WORST face I have ever seen, but Sue looks like she just rolled out of bed and smeared soot on her cheekbone, and WHAT is this on Billy's FACE! I don't even WANT to know what that is! So which one will we be least embarrassed by hanging on our wall? *groan* There is not a single picture here that doesn't translate into YEARS of therapy for our children!"

You all get to leave comments and tell me what you think! I can't wait to hear READ your thought on the photos!

There are some of my sweet monkeys that will make it into 8x10-hood without even a second thought. There they are:

Would you like to see those in Black and white?

WHAT? Wait! Now I have to decide between them! And thought these were the easy ones! Aaargh!

OK, Here are the first three. It is all the same photo with different effects and filters. Thank Julie from JB Photography for both the amazing pictures and the photoshop work. You are a wizard, Julie!

Here they are:
What do you all think? Which colors do you like? I tend to be really partial to black and white, and decorate my livingroom that way, but I love all three of these and each filter has its own look and high points!

Or there are also these:

And then there is this one!

And these:


Let's go back to the Fictionals and listen in once again to Karen and Randy as they talk about the delema(sp?) before them:

"Randy, there is not a SINGLE picture that all three kids look good in! And you and I look like zombies in EVERY SINGLE ONE! So we need to decide based on the kids."

"Which one do we want to make mad, Karen? Let me rephrase that: Which child, when angry, will be angry for the least amount of time and will work less to make us miserable?"

"I have NO idea. Not Sue! She would walk around with a bag on her head! So it is between the boys. Which picture has a boy looking least terrible! Randy, my brain is fried!"

I can sympathize, but for OH SO DIFFERENT reasons!

My brain is fried.

I hope it did not damage my hair follicles.

Because then I would have bald patches all over my head.

One last thing. I had to add this photo. Though it is not in the running for obvious reasons, I love it because everyone is laughing! Just look at Monkey Shine's face! Just look at all of us! We were having fun, and that is the best part about the pictures. We were having fun!

What do you think?

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