Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr K

This is Mr K

He is the giving soul who is providing the horses to ride for my Girls' lessons this summer.

Because, you know, lessons might not be NEARLY as productive if you don't actually have a horse!

Just a thought.

I just LOVE taking pictures of people when they have no idea!

Don't you?

I like Mr K. He reminds me of my Daddy that I MISS TERRIBLY!

See the resemblance?

But it is more than that just the facial hair.

They both have cowboy's souls! We may live in an age where the traditional cowboy and the need for them has greatly diminished, but cowboys are alive and well! They just carry it in their hearts.

A sense of right and wrong and the willingness to fight for it.
A chivalry that is not dead.
A love of the things that are given to us freely, but worth more than all the money in the world.
Work (yes, it IS a gift!)
Making your word count for something.

And even though my Daddy is not wearing his hat in this picture, he is a cowboy at heart and can be seen sporting it on any given day!

There is one other thing that is alike about my dad and Mr K.

Babies LOVE them!

This is Mr K with a sweet little girl that appeared for riding lessons too! I believe that she is a past client, and knew him, and couldn't wait to see him!

And THIS was the reaction of the tiniest of my monkeys (yet without a monkey name) when she first got the chance to meet Mr K!
Do you see the little bit of surprise at him bending down to talk to her -and his hat, I am sure.
And the delight at being talked to -and the hat too, I am sure.
It was love at first sight!

And THIS is what she did when he asked if SHE was going to ride a horse:
I said, "She sure does like you, Mr K!"

To which he replied, "Honey, there ain't a baby in the world that don't love Mr K."

Matter of fact. Not prideful, not bragging, just fact -like "The sky is blue."

THIS was her reaction when he asked of she was going home with Mom now:
I hear crickets.

And THIS was her reaction when he told her that Mommy dressed her so sweet:
Uhm, is this thing on?

And THIS is what she did when he asked if he could keep her:

No loyalty! I carried you in my body! I have nursed you at my chest! I have the stretched out abdomen, the broad hips, baby weight, and windsails for clothes, and you go flirting with the first grandfatherly figure to come along!

That is it! We thought all along that we would have to use a bat to beat back the boys, but now I see that if I have any hope of your loyalty, I will need to arm myself against cowboys with facial hair and grandfatherly dispositions!

And THIS was her reaction when he said "You LOVE Mr K, don't you!":
It is ON Mr K!

It is ON!

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