Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Things

I love red.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE red?

According to the fictitious "Dr Phil personality test", which is in no way related to Dr. Phil, that means I am "...the lively center of attention, the life of the party...".

Well, I never said it wasn't accurate! I just said it was in no way actually related to Dr Phil!


I love red, and you can tell this from my bedroom which you can see HERE.

And here is a picture of me in my favorite room, looking at my favorite nail polish.

Guess what. It is red.

Did I mention I LOVE red?

Here is something else that is red that I absolutely adore.

This is some amazing stationery that was given to me, and it proves the the giver KNEW ME! She appealed to both my loves of fashion and my love of red, and somehow managed to roll it into one amazing piece of paper! If I were to invent and design a pattern for stationery it would look JUST LIKE THIS!

There is something so lovely and charming about the beautiful dress (which I would LOVE to hang in my closet ANY day!) on a hanger.

And even the back of the box is a lesson in beauty!

And in an unusual stroke of paper genius, the dress is rather large, and a focal point in the design -giving it an air of luxury! You know, in a "I-am-pampering-myself-so-much-that-I-don't-even need-to-write-on-the-WHOLE-page-Half-of-it-is-DRESS!" kind of way! It has become more than paper. It is art!

Thank goodness someone designed it, because then I get to enjoy it! And though I love-love-love it, I just can't bring myself to open it and break out a crisp piece of paper and WRITE on it! That would be like allowing a child to scribble on a Monet!

I feel that fashion and shoes are high art forms!

Don't you agree?

You SHOULD agree!

But that is just me!

SO I will have to wait for something REALLY special to send a bit of this lovely vellum (word of the day).

So if you get a letter from me on this, the news is either really good or REALLY bad... let's just go with really good...for someone..probably me!

Hey! Did I mention that I LOVE red?

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