Thursday, June 3, 2010

The World's First Scratch-N-Sniff Blog

After a recent trip to Nebraska (that I will talk more about later), I came home to find this:
A rose bush in the front yard (that I did not plant or cultivate on this rental property) bloomed and was laden with many roses! They are beautiful!
They are so beautiful, and not only are they plentiful and fragrant, they are also my favorite color! In case you had not noticed that I love red.

So, just as any person in their right mind would do, I decided to add a bit of beauty from the yard to my home. Because that is what sane people would do, and I want to give every illusion that I am sane! Besides! I love red!
This is what they look like in my room. I love the "antique rose" look in the vase and with the ancient mirror behind them. They look very charming!

Did I mention I love red?

The view in my antique mirror.

Interesting note:
Years ago flowers were used to help cover odors of daily living -back before Febreeze. When a rose, and other kids of flowers, would wilt and die the petals would be carefully removed and sewn into little linen pouches called satchels. They would then be placed in closets, trunks and drawers to add a subtle fragrance to the garments that women wore. I can see why. Mmmmm! They smell beautiful!

This is my view as I sit here writing this blog!
Did I mention I LOVE red?

I can show you the pictures, but the smell is simply Heavenly! I think I need the first scratch-n-sniff blog. I need to talk to my research and development team, my technical team and my creative staff.

Oh, Sweet Geek!!

Yep, he is all three.

In this case it would be good, but there are some blogs that I could live without smelling! Some days you wouldn't want to smell my blog either.
Maybe that is not the greatest idea, but wouldn't you want to hold the patent on that?

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