Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Favorite Things -FROG Edition????

My Monkey See is quite the artist! One of the favorite art mediums is play-dough! There is always some new squishy new sculpture for me to view and admire in true parental fashion: "Why, YES! That IS the most amazing lizard (or duck, or rabbit, or etc...) I have EVER seen! Even more exciting and exhilarating than yesterday's shining example of artistic excellence!"

One, though, that I was so impressed with was her rendering of frogs, yes, frogs. I was very pleased with the detail of the little frogs!

I particularly liked this one. Perhaps because it is red. I love red.

You may notice that this frog has something that most other frogs do not. You can't go catch one in the pond and find it looking quite like this!

Do you see what it is that this particular amphibian has that others do not?

That is right! This frog has long amphibian hair!

I wonder if she is modeling the hair after someone. Hmmm! Can you think of someone she (the frog) resembles?
That is Monkey See on the left. Wonder WHERE in the world she got the idea for long blonde hair on the frogs!

Monkey See took great care with every little detail. Even right down to the webbed feet.

She even made these tiny little hats!
All she is missing some perfect little shoes for those webbed feet.
No, the feet are fine! I just have a thing for shoes!

This one also is detailed and well thought through! I don't know that I could even imagine something this sweet!

Again, this frog is fortunate enough to posses a trait most frogs can only envy! I imagine that frogs everywhere are very enviously rubbing their bald heads wishing they too could have such thick locks of flowing beauty!

Yes, I do love frogs. Not the slimy kind you catch in a pond, but I love these. There is something about them. There is an evidence of raw talent at it's most passionate and imaginative.
What does the future hold for my sweet Monkey See?
I must admit that it is really hard for me to explain, but to say that I am very impressed, and I see such talent in her! These frogs say to me that her future could be very bright.
And that makes them one of my favorite things!

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