Monday, May 31, 2010

Like Father, Like Daughter

My Sweet Geek and I have marveled many times how much my oldest daughter is like him in many ways.

I particularly like these pictures of the two of them. They are making the same faces!

Hehe! Every time I see these pictures, it makes me giggle!

These two also have a habit of sleeping in the same positions.


You simply would not believe how many I have of my Monkey See and Sweet Geek sleeping in the exact same position.
Perhaps someday I will share them someday. That is, if I survive this particular post.
(PLEASE let this be the time he doesn't read the blog, PLEASE let this be the time he doesn't read the blog!)

But I am not going to share them today. Today's post is about our new little addition, Monkey ? (we haven't figured that one out yet). It seems that our Monkey See has some competition in the "Being Like Daddy" category.

Like father, like daughter.

Oh, boy! Some day I am going to pay for this.

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