Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I have been thinking of things I can do to make my blog better, and I thought I would ask all of you -the readers!

Yes you, you poor people who are subjected to my blog each -well, whenever there is a new post. YOU are the ones who must endure me sub-standard photography, entirely strange and abnormal (at best) humor, oh you! You poor souls of such boredom and despair that you log on to see my blog because you think that it is better that gnawing off your own foot -only to find that it isn't! So you hurriedly shut down the window on your computer (as quickly as possible so that you do not also need to remove your eyes), and proceed to gnaw in a effort to take back some sanity.

There are some blogs that I, too, follow, and I have decided, that even though it is highly unlikely that these people even CARE what this little latecomer ant in the world of blogging thinks, I thought that I would give them some advice -something like what I am asking all of you for!

December Dreamers:
More posts!

JB Photography:
More posts!

Ashleigh Thornock:
More posts!
(surprise, surprise)

Pioneer Woman:
Be less beautiful, less talented, less successful, have an uglier husband, a boring love story, be a lousy cook, have quizzes that stupid people like me can win, hang out with strange people that speak only in monotone and don't know how to have fun, give away fewer great prizes that I can NEVER win, and be less funny -because, Girl! It is EXHAUSTING trying to keep up with you! I am getting tired just thinking about it all. I think I am going to go take a nap. Whew! That was stressful! I am fatigued!

I am off to contemplate my eyelids (yawn), and as I do, please leave a comment for my blog. What would YOU like to see me include?

My goodness! (YAAAAWN) How DOES Pioneer Woman keep up?


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