Friday, May 14, 2010

More Favorite Things

Today I just had to share this one of my favorite things from my room.
This pillow amazes me!

My mom found it and gave it to me! This is called ribbon embroidery, and is nearly a lost art in the world of crafts and handwork! How beautiful!

There are these intricate, delicate roses, and tiny ribbon french knots! I love the way the leaves are made.

I have decided to teach myself how to do this! The world can always use more loveliness!
And fewer therapy sessions!

So here is a piece of beauty in a chaotic world!
I am no a licensed professional, but if this makes you happy, feel free to make a donation....

Just kidding!


Angel Renee said...

Oh my gosh!!! I do ribbon embroidery!!! I love it, it's SO pretty and it IS theraputic.

Dawn Marie said...

That is wonderful! I crochet and I find that very therapeutic as well. I imagine that any handwork is relaxing! Now, I am assuming that you need special needles? Where do you get them? I am excited about learning to do this!