Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This post will be short, sweet and to-the-point.

I do not follow reality TV, or any real shows in particular. I simply do not have the time, but what I have seen of the Dugger family in "18 Kids and Counting" I have been very impressed with. I did also take a special interest in the recent pregnancy of Michelle Dugger because she was due the same week as me. As the pregnancy progressed I would think about the point that she was at and the experiences that she had at nearly the same time as myself.
I was shocked and concerned to hear that their sweet little child was born 3 months early this last week. At 1 lb 6 oz, that Dugger baby is fighting for her life, and I cannot imagine what they may be going through. If this little girls lives, she will have a number of health issues which may endure for the rest of her life. Please keep the Duggers in your prayers, and this precious life, precious child in your prayers. She is in the fight of her life!
Please keep me in your prayers as well. I am freaking out a little. With a nephew born early and hospitalized only a few weeks ago, and the Dugger baby -the same size as my own- my mind has been reeling with everything that could go wrong. Keep all of us in your prayers!

Strange Lady

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