Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decisions, Decisions Part I

On Ree's website, she had a contest where people could load their favorite black and white photos for a contest. So I began to sort through all the B&W photos I have taken ever since I first fell in love with one that won a "Cotton:The fabric of our lives" contest years ago. It was beautiful and uncluttered. The little girl in the photo was CLEARLY the focus of the picture, and it made her beauty just pop. So I began to experiment, and saw the true loveliness of my girls just SHINE.

I sorted and could not decide. How can you choose between these?:

Oh, my goodness!

Isn't she sweet?!

What a doll!

It just makes you want to giggle with her!

Awwwww! I wonder what she is thinking! Probably something like, "I wonder why my strange mother is jumping up and down and making funny faces and weird noises!"

Look at how her eyes twinkle! Monkey Do.

Don't you just want to reach in the photo and kiss those little chubby cheeks!?!?!

LOVE the face!

This one was framed and hung in my living room right away! I LOVE it!

This one was such a beautiful moment! I was trying to get photos of her in the morning -one of my first without a flash (I experienced enlightenment about the perfectness of natural light!). She woke, and the next photo breaks into a grin full of morning sunshine! But this one was so pure, it truly captured the moment!

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing more of my favorite black and white photos. Please check out the beautiful work shared on Pioneer Woman
Make sure to check out all four posts. There are some AMAZING pictures that make my silly little photos look like goop! Enjoy!


GE is me said...

So I clicked over here from PW & yours are NOT goop! you should've entered some. Definitely some cute baby faces there! Thanks for sharing. :)

Dawn Marie said...

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I don't have a fancy camera or Photoshop, so I feel like they don't compare. Which one would you have picked to send?