Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Have a Winner!

"But Mom, you should see the other kid!"

Congratulations to Nona! The winner of the contest!

Honorable mention goes to Pam with "The Eyes Have It!" Thanks for entering, Pam! I wish I had 2 so I could give away another! But, alas, I only found one!

This was harder than naming my kids!

I am serious! It really was! Every comment was great, and every time I saw another one, I would start laughing, and Sweet Geek would sit there and say, "What?" until I composed myself enough to answer him!

Boy was that FUN! I bet he was wondering if I was laughing at him -which (after the third time or so) I was! But that will just be our little secret!

Nona, contact me at to claim your prize and pass along your shipping info to receive your prize!

Wow! That was so much fun I want to do it again!

But not today.

I have to keep you coming back!

And I know all you sensitive men out there are crying because you felt SO left out. Don't try to deny! I can hear you with my bionic woman ears!

No, NOT really!

So let me just say, I have not forgotten you, and I am already planning the next great contest that has a gift with men in mind! You ladies might thank me too!

Thanks so much to all of you for visiting my site and entering the contest! Be watching for the next one!

I will leave you with these -the rest of the photos taken with Monkey See's little "makeover."


If you aren't laughing, you will cry! This was so much fun!
Thank you all!


Nona said...

Well I can't believe it! I am Nona sorry for the late post had a family emergency and been out of town.

Nona said...

I am very saddened that you are not writeing again fater I won. The winning was nice ever though I have not recieved an email from you about it. I just pray you and your family are okay!

Dawn Marie said...

Nona, I have your prize here, waiting for you! Please shoot me an e-mail at and I will get your shipping info and get it right out to you.
I am sorry that I did not get right back to you. We moved and barely got out of the house and into the new one before dashing to NE for a wedding. But my internet is finally up, and we are off again! Hope you LOVE your prize!