Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Name That Picture Contest!

Folks, today we have hit a milestone!

Today is my VERY FIRST contest!
(Jumping up and down, clapping hands! Squealing like a schoolgirl!)


Hold on a minute! I just dropped my laptop.

Just kidding. Don't freak out, Sweet Geek!

One day, when Mia was a baby, I came into the bathroom after I had bathed and jammied (not a word) Eliana.

And THIS is what I found:
She had been watching me apply makeup and decided to try her hand at eyeliner!

So, your challenge if you choose to accept it is:

Name that photo!

The contest period is until Friday at 2pm Eastern time. The entries will be reviewed and a winner will be announced on Sunday. Facebook friends will need to click on THIS link and leave your comment on the website. Facebook comments will not be counted. Feel free to pass along the page to friends for their chance to win!

Here is what you win:
This is a vintage handbag. Research reveals it was made between 1963-1965. It is in perfect condition and appears to have never been used. Estimated value is somewhere between $30-$150.

I found it at a steal, but I won't tell you how much I spent.

It will make all those people out there paying $150 cry.

I LOVE the crock-embossed detail. It is a beautiful handbag, but not practical for me. If you like anything vintage, you will love this.

For all you guys out there, this could make a great gift for a cherished woman in your life(I promise I will never tell) -or you could sell it on E-bay.
So don't hesitate to give me your best shot!

I can't wait to see all your contributions!
And my hope is that it will give me a little glimpse into each of you!

Here is one more look at the photo:
Name that photo!

This message will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...


The SISTERHOOD!! said...

Caption should say:

I say a little tuck here....not so much there but you know like right here! I am thinking right side!=)

Anonymous said...

But MOM! It looked great on the raccoon!

phil collins said...

Owl eyes!

pam said...

The Eyes Have It!

krams1120 said...

Mom, I am ready to go see the Harry Potter movie. :) All I need is a robe and a broom.

Nona said...

But mom you should see the other kid!

Dawn Marie said...

This one is from a follower who was having trouble posting!

"Like my new specs?" (for you youngsters, that is short for spectacles [O.K., for the really young ones that would be eye glasses....])

Dawn Marie said...

If anyone is having trouble posting, just send me an e-mail @ and I will be happy to fix the problem!

Dawn (Monkey Mommy)