Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For the last two months, as the roll was called by the lord of blog, there has been a blogger absent!

I KNOW you all missed me and have been hanging on to your seats waiting for my next funny quip or interesting perspective...right?...no?...oh, oh well...

Anyway, I am back and as my first blog in more days than I want to count, I wanted to dispel a few myths, and give you a clue to as to ONE of the many reasons WHY I have been missing roll call every day.

Pregnancy myths dispelled:

1. You get a "glow" when you are pregnant. Yea, right! Tell that to my sallow skin and pale complexion. I don't think I have ever "glowed" a day in my life -and that is counting my three -now four pregnancies!

2. Your hair shines! Tell that to the bald spot forming... well, I won't tell you where, because then you will just stare! I must be the only pregnant person on the planet who has their hair fall out in clumps when they get pregnant!

3. Morning sickness lasts the first three months, then goes away. I am a week into my second trimester, and there is not relief in sight. I was sick all nine months with my other three, so I am anticipating the same grueling trudge through constant nausea -all the way to the finish line. Oh, and it isn't morning sickness at all! Morning, noon, and night -and sometimes intense enough to wake me up in the middle of the night!

4. Your husband pampers you when you are pregnant. Yeah...I am not even going to touch that one! He has been VERY understanding and has been picking up the slack. But I don't think pampered is the word. I am VERY grateful for him!

One thought confirmed:

As I have struggled with the pregnancies of all my kids, there is one thing that has never changed -it is ALWAYS worth it! There has never been a time that I held one of my kids and regretted for a moment all that I went through to get them. I have had nightmare pregnancies and deliveries; not like some people I know (you KNOW who you ARE!!!), that feel better pregnant than not, and barely get to the hospital before that baby greets the world. But in spite of all of it, my kids have been the greatest blessing of my life! And though I am SO ready to have this over with, I am also looking forward to baby smell, and a new little person to get to know.
It is ALL worth it!

Just so you know, I am scared of boys.

I just thought I would share that.


Kyla said...

I have been checking your blog & wondering when I might hear some more from you :)
I enjoyed this last little bit of info...especially that you are scared of boys. I hope you get one! hehheh

Dawn Marie said...

Well, they are so DIFFERENT than girls! How do you dress them and do with their hair? I really don't know what to do woth them! I think Larry will have to be WAY more hand-on if it is! Love you, Kyla!

Technoman said...

Oh, no! You've been absent too long! You are in biiiiiiiig trouble! Go directly to the principal's office. If you pass GO, do not collect $200! LOL!

Let's see... what do you do with boy's hair? Cut it really short or give him a buzz cut. LOL!

Nona said...

I am so glad you are back! Hope you are doing as good as you can, God bless you Dawn!