Friday, May 29, 2009

MUD knocked on my door today and asked my kids to come out and PLAY!

As the weather grows warmer, I am having a hard time telling where the kids end, and the mud begins!

My GOODNESS! I didn't know you had BROWN hair! I thought you were blond! Oh wait. That is dirt. Yuck.

Yep, all that will be left in the tub is MUD, tonight!

I may have to drain the mud and then give them a REAL bath!

I don't think the pictures do it justice.

There seemed to be so much more dirt at the time!

I think this is one instance where the camera COVERS a flaw. More pounds, less dirt!

Nope, NOT a TAN.

Mom, do you HAVE to take my picture!

YES! I need some evidence of what I did today!

I washed mud from the tub. THAT is what I did!

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