Sunday, May 31, 2009

I need to remember to CHARGE my camera...

I have forgotten for three consecutive days to charge my camera! "How can this happen!?", you ask, well, I ...uhm...well, LIFE, I guess. But anyway, it doesn't matter why, it is just that there are so many GREAT moments I missed! Like this one,,,where Noelle actually licked -yes! LICKED- one of those rubber bouncing balls. *Giggle, giggle* It was SO funny. It happened to roll over a plate at the open house we attended, and she picked up the ball and licked off the ranch dressing! See... isn't it funny...OH, I don't have a picture. DRAT! I will just have to substitute with this truly ADORABLE baby picture!

This missed moment is brought to you by electricity! Get it!

And then there was the "Anything on Sale Fruit Salad" I wanted to share. It was all the fruit I could find for a dollar a pound or less. Cantaloupe $1, strawberries $1 (and OH, were they the sweetest and most beautiful strawberries I have ever seen!), Peaches $.99, nectarines $.99, bananas $.59. It turned out SO beautifully! And I put it in my glass dish, and stood there to let my mouth water! Just take a look, and your mouth will water too! Oh, wait! ARGGHHH! I don't have a picture of it. Oh, well. Here is another cute baby picture to take it's place!

This missed moment had been brought to you by Missed Memories Anonymous: Helping you cope with all the things you SHOULD remember, but don't. MMA: get help.

And there was that silly face that Mia makes! I have been trying to get it on camera for years! I finally got her to make it on cue! On, MY! You will laugh SO hard! WAIT! I CAN'T SHOW YOU! Well, this is a bad substitute, but will have to do.
This missed memory had been brought to you by your mother: PLUG IN you camera, Dear!

I think I will have my sweet geek hubby invent a camera with endless life! No batteries, no charging! I am SURE that he can if he puts his mind to it. (Maybe he can use the shutter movement to generate electricity! Hey, anything is possible!) But pending funding for research and YEARS of development, I think I will make it part of my nightly routine to just...oh, REMEMBER TO PLUG IN MY CAMERA! Only I would have this much trouble remembering something this important. So here is the question. What VERY important thing can you -for the life of you- not remember to do? Please tell!

More on this tomorrow

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