Monday, January 25, 2010

Pure Bliss

There are some perfect moments in this life, and if you don't breath them in when they occur, the bliss of the moment will pass, and the intoxicating beauty of it will be gone forever. The sweetness of a baby's smile -and smell, the first kiss with the love of your life, the moment your realize that you are going to marry that man!, a personal epiphany, a moment of clarity, an answered prayer, and unexpected blessing, a hug that gives you strength, a time when you clearly hear God's voice.

A kiss.


If you are a VERY talented photographer like my sister, sometimes you can capture a moment -simply press a shutter and GRAB that moment!

That is how I feel about this series of photos taken of Monkey Do and my nephew at my Baby Sister's wedding (she will always be Baby Sister!). My other sister was the one behind the shutter, and I LOVE them. You can see more of her incredible work HERE.

Monkey Do has always been especially affectionate...

Which you can tell by the look of rapture on her face and the obvious pleasure she takes in the kisses.

Thank you so much, JB! I am so glad you grabbed this moment of bliss so that I can enjoy it again and again!

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