Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As we watch the footage of Haiti, I expect that each one of you feel very helpless, as I do, to know what to do to help -except pray. So that is what I have been doing. The need is so big, and the relief seems so slow.
Then today they had another after-shock that measured a 6.0. One thing after another!

A good friend of mine passed along a website for some missionaries she knows from Jacmel, Haiti. It has been so enlightening and wonderful to read how they are doing what they can to distribute food and water to those in their neighborhood. Doing what they can with what they have! IT is wonderful to hear how God is providing for their needs and making it possible to feed, comfort and minister to the people around them! Praise God! He already had some people in place to minister to Haiti. You can read about their work HERE. And you can find out how to donate to their ministry and aid for their community on THIS post.

There are some things that have really stuck out to me in the plethora of information coming from the media, that I would like to mention.

1. A child of 18 months old has seen 10 natural disasters in their life time. Multiple hurricanes and other disasters have hit Haiti with a vengeance.
2. The government was not strong in the first place! And is in no position to organize or distribute aid or relief. There was not a strong infrastructure before, and that has become extremely detrimental in the fight to help the people of Haiti.
3. If you can, you should make donations to your favorite missionary or charity by check or cash if you can. Credit card companies still skim 3% off the top for payment, so you can make sure that more of your donation helps Haiti if you can write a check or make a donation in cash.
4. Planes are clogging the airports! You may have heard rumors that aid planes have been turned away from the Haiti. This is not true. The truth is that there are SO many planes that are sitting there waiting to be unloaded that there is literally not room for any more! They are unloading them as quickly as possible, but lack the resources to work any faster. What is actually happening is that the aid planes are forced to circle for hours, only having to return to Florida or Mexico to re-fuel.
5. Don't send items right now. There is still no comprehensive plan to distribute the items to the population. It would be a terrible thing to have food rotting in a port. Right now, support Haiti through donations and prayers. The time for canned food drives will come.

Lord, we lift our hearts to you, and we pray for you to reach your hand out to the people of Haiti. Strengthen those who are lending aid. Open hearts to your love, and keep our missionaries safe, strong and able to reach to the people of Haiti with their hands -TOUR hands! We pray for strength and wisdom for every set of helping hands there right now. Please help a plan for distribution to develop quickly. Bless the missionaries and workers, and help the people of Haiti. Amen


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krams1120 said...

2 good things came out of this (and a few more) a friend of ours (and many others) had been waiting to adopt two children from Haiti. One they had been waiting for five months, the other for almost two years! Well, because of the disaster, they finalized both adoptions just friday! They are so excited. So they went from a family of four to six. They even were on the news when they went to the airport to pick them up.