Friday, July 9, 2010

More = A Better Chance of Gettine ONE Good One

Babies are wiggly.

Just in case you did not know.

And since I have fallen in love with natural light...

(There is not anyone that a flash cannot make look worse than they really do!)

I am having a terrible time getting good photos of little wiggly girl without them turning out like


And then there are these that I really wish had turned out because of her sweet expression:

I took 129 pictures.


And out of all the wiggly child pictures, managed to get only a few really good ones!

Doesn't it always seem that the sweetest ones end up in file 13?

But I cannot complain too much!

I did get THESE:

So I have learned that when really trying to get good pictures you really need to take a lot of them -especially when the subject is a wiggly little 3-month-old! More in this case is more!

There were quite a few that turned out beautifully. I am glad that I got them!

And this VERY special one:
And I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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