Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is in a name?

Two things:

As I was looking over my last post, I realized that "Smart Man Contest" sounded really bad! Like something out of a game show or something! "Men! Let's see just how smart you really are!"

I decided I need someone to read and edit my blogs BEFORE they post! Any takers?

I still want to hear about your witty moments, so in spite of my terrible contest name, please don't hesitate to share the evidence of your quick-minded retorts! Take that, person insulting me, I have a great retort!

Anyway, that also brings me to the other thing: I ordered the WONDERFUL prize for that contest, but it is on backorder, and will arrive shortly. I really wanted to post pictures, and soon I will be able to do that! So let's just put that contest on hold, shall we? And then when my WONDERFUL prize arrives, then I will show it to you all, and maybe you will love it and enter!

So with a terribly named contest, I have been kicking myself, but it also turned my mind to baby names. Now with our girls we had a formula in out minds when they were named: first names with an important meaning, two middle names (one related to family and one a characteristic that we wish our children to display), and our poor kids not only have two middle names, but a last name that is 12 characters. Poor kids! I think that their overly long names will adequately scar them until they get married -hopefully to a man that has a four-letter last name.

Not to be confused with a four-letter word.

Just wanted to clarify that.

Anyhow, there was something that happened that we did not plan. Somehow, every child ended up with a six-letter first name that ends in a vowel. Hmmm. How can we follow that?

Eliana was easy. We had NO trouble picking a name we both loved.

Amelia was easy too. As soon as I said it, Larry was completely on board! (His favorite aunt was named Amelia)

Now, Noelle was a different story. It seemed that every name I came up with for a girl, Larry did not like at all. As it happened, I was having contractions on Christmas Eve, and went to the hospital to be checked out. On the way I said, "Wouldn't it be funny if we had a girl today and named her Noelle?" Sweet Geek said, "I LIKE that!" So when she was born in January -and was another girl- we named her the only girl name we could agree on.

So here are a few names that we have been thinking of. We cannot add Olivia to this list (my sister stole it for her sweet little one-year-old girlie -whom it suits entirely), but we decided that we MAY have to abandon the six-letter-end-in-a-vowel thing.

I like Isabella. I always have. Bella for short. What do you think?

Emilie, the French spelling. I like it, but if you have seen my other kids' names, we picked really uncommon names. This one may be too used for our taste.

I like Emmaline, Emma for short. If you have seen "Anne of Avonlea", then you KNOW where I got that name!

I also like Annette, but what would we call her for short? We already have an Ana for short, so we would be forced to call her by her entire name all the time. What in the WORLD will
I call her when she is in trouble? Hmmmm.

You may wonder why these are all girls' names. Right?

No, it is not because of our track record!

It is because we have had a boy's name picked out for years. I got the idea from my sister (who I hope does not mind me taking it), but I thought it was perfect.


Isn't it just right? It just seems to fit. Throw in a grandfather's name and a touch of Dad, and we will be all set.

So here we are. Boy name picked, girl name -uh, not so much.

So tell me. What names do you like?

What is in a name?

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